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What is Travel Writing?

What is Travel Writing?


travel is a sentimental experience

Both in the moment and when the moment has passed. I look forward to and back at those experiences excitedly. As a writer, there were many transformative adventures I had whilst on the road. Those adventures lead me to believe my life passion had to lie somewhere in them. I couldn’t possibly be feeling this high if it didn’t mean anything to my life. 

There is no drug, no job, no person, nothing that gives you that high and feels as good as doing the thing you knew you were meant to do. Certainly the people you love sweeten the pot, but nothing tops that feeling. I felt like I had found it in those small corners of the world.

But the problem was finding a capitalistic outlet for it.

I’ve toyed with sharing my travels in a blog format for many years, but I knew it can be a dangerous territory. Many people reading travel blogs take them as a guide on how to have the best vacation in the lens of social media. And there are many bloggers and influencers that are fulfilling that need. That’s what pays, but I didn’t want my writing falling in the wheel of disposable tourism clickbait.

Trying my best to teeter that line of magic and reality, I’ve written and rewritten the same stories. I’ve tried to capture the reality and the joy of traveling without that clickbait framework.

But in the end, these are my experiences. They are lived and romanticized, colored by hindsight. So whatever comes of this, take it with a grain of salt. Enjoy the emotion conveyed and the craft with which I created these words. I haven’t been everywhere in the world, but I have endless love for the places I’ve seen.

And if you’ll let me, I’ll continue to view the world through my lens and share it.



This is the world of the Old Mad Eye. Please come travel that world with me.

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