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7 Reasons Venice is the Best City in Italy

7 Reasons Venice is the Best City in Italy

Florence, Rome, Milan, Sicily, Venice. There are so many big cities in Italy that hold large cultural and historical relevance. Everyone that's traveled to Italy will prefer one city over the other. And they’ll hold that preference with assurance and gusto. They’ll be certain that everyone agrees with them why Rome is the best, or Florence, and so on.

The reason why people are so attached to their Italian preferences is simply that something magical happens in Italy. If you live the Italian lifestyle, if you let life happen to you instead of controlling it, you’ll be immersed.

My Italian magic happened in Venice. I'll defend Venice to death as the best city in Italy. The minute I stepped off the plane and into the water taxi, I was hooked. I’ve been dreaming of returning to the sinking island city every day since I first laid eyes on the sunken doors and leaning towers.

I spent 48 hours in Venice on a whirlwind trip. On that trip, I found 7 definitive reasons why Venice is the best city in Italy. These reasons are the must see and do things if you’re visiting Venice, Italy.

  1. Live the Venetian lifestyle.

    • Eat a light lunch, take a nap around 3, and then hit the wine bar for an aperitif before dinner. Dinner doesn't start until 10pm.

  2. It's hot and sticky in the summer.

    • August is alive with tourists as well. So not only is it hot, but it's cramped. If you're not a fan of heat or crowds, visit around November or March. But It's really part of the experience in my opinion.

  3. Dal Moro's is the best restaurant in Venice.

    • Don't miss out. But anywhere you can sit to get a meal is going to be amazing. Venice is known for their use of fish in their dishes, so don't miss out on the local fish!

  4. Avoid the Water Taxis once you're on the island.

    • It's roughly 15 euros each way on the water taxi. The two islands of Venice are about a mile each, so just walk and save your money.

  5. Visit Murano.

    • This is the birthplace of glass blowing. Bonus: you can watch a free class at one of the factories. It's incredible!

  1. On your way to Murano, visit the island cemetery. Cimitero di San Michele in Isola.

    • It's literally an island that is just a cemetery. And if you know me, you know I love a good cemetery.

  2. Spend an evening walking around the Rialto Bridge and the Piazza San Marco.

    • There are a plethora of restaurants with al fresco dining and twinkling lights. Also, there are bands playing all over the bridge and in the plaza and trinket vendors on the bridge.

Venice is beautiful, and it's a rare sight that's sinking into the sea. Make Venice a part of your trip to Italy, and perhaps make it the main stop on your trip.

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